Baltic Furniture 2012

This year the company  „SEL RA ART”  at exhibition   Baltic Furniture 2012, which took place from 04.10. - 07.10.2012 at Kipsala first presented and pleasantly surprised with a special collection of furniture for children.

Interior 2012
Participation in the exhibition  Interior 2012 dated 27 April to 29 April 2012 was in the Estonian Fairs Center  in Tallinn, was SEL RA ART chance to present four furniture collections -  „Gundega”, „For You”, „Seira”, „Svetlana”, and view the range of domestic furniture manufacturers. Furniture collections were judged heavily in quality and design.
Baltic Furniture 2011

The company revealed to the general public at the international furniture and interior design exhibition „Baltic Furniture 2011” dated 6 to 9 October 2011 was held in Kipsala, Riga. Solid wood and veneered furniture collections „For You” and  „Gundega”  achieved good grades and demand in the domestic market and foreign markets.
During the exhibition, the cooperation with the company UNOLIK created and an agreement for the sale VILUZO Ltd. furniture in stores in Tallinn and Tartu (Estonia) has been reached.
Received cooperation talks with many foreign furniture buyers, cooperation made ​​orders - the main advantages of the exhibition. All contributed to a new and even higher business goals and further development of the company.